An Interview with Bayushi Aramasu


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Kakita Brent: Well folks, we find ourselves between expansions at the moment, and because we have learned that one Champion is the Shadow’s servant, we have decided to interview a person whose integrity cannot be questioned…as he has none.

Mirumoto Christopher: Agreed.  Bayushi Aramasu is Aramoro’s son, but ever since he left the Scorpion, revealed their secrets, and probably got plenty of spies killed, they’re not exactly on speaking terms.

Bayushi Aramasu: Thanks, guys…

Kakita Brent: Well, anyway, thanks a lot for showing up.  We understand that you have your hands full, ferreting out ninja in the Mantis.

Mirumoto Christopher: Speaking of which, I must ask…why join the Mantis?  I mean, the Dragon could always use your services.

Kakita Brent: I thought you guys had an alliance with the Scorpion?

Mirumoto Christopher: Just the anti-ninja thing…really.

Bayushi Aramasu: Um, well…be that as it may, what questions can I answer for you?

Kakita Brent: I think he meant, “what questions WILL I answer for you guys?”

Mirumoto Christopher: Why?  Why leave the Scorpion?  I mean, they have geisha and sake and everything!

Bayushi Aramasu: My father doesn’t appreciate me.

Kakita Brent: …OK.

Bayushi Aramasu (whining): You guys don’t know what it’s like, day in, day out, being ignored.  He just keeps following Kachiko around, not paying me a never mind…

Mirumoto Christopher: Well…can you really blame him?  I mean, he is her bodyguard.  I’m sure it’s strictly plutonic.

Kakita Brent: You don’t read much about Aramoro, do you?

Bayushi Aramasu: At any rate, I have made my choice.  Yoritomo is my father now.

Kakita Brent: And he pays attention to you?

Bayushi Aramasu: Whenever he’s not busy killing people.

Kakita Brent: In other words, once in a while.

Mirumoto Christopher (shocked): He stops killing people?

Kakita Brent: Anyway, next question.  Revealing the secret port of the Phoenix is probably making you some more enemies.  Are you worried about retribution?

Bayushi Aramasu: It’s the Phoenix…what are they going to do?

Mirumoto Christopher: …steal your shujenga.

Kakita Brent: Ever heard of “living in the past?”

Mirumoto Christopher: Yes.

Kakita Brent: Just checking.  All right, here’s a good question.  One Champion serves the Shadow…any guesses?

Bayushi Aramasu: Doji Kuwanan.

Kakita Brent: Hey!

Bayushi Aramasu: Come on…I mean, who but a ninja could clone Yul Brenner so perfectly!

Mirumoto Christopher: Exactly!

Kakita Brent: Sigh…thanks for your input, I guess.

Mirumoto Christopher: OK, now I know you’d love to get back to ninja-bashing, so I guess we should finish this up quickly…as in before the Crane track down their “Enough Talks.”

Kakita Brent: I know they’re here somewhere…

Mirumoto Christopher: Aren’t you worried about the Scorpion wreaking terrible, nasty vengeance on you?  I mean, most people that cross them end up face down in the worst part of town.

Bayushi Aramasu: Not worried in the least…why?  Have you heard something?

Kakita Brent: No…

Bayushi Aramasu: Come on, guys…don’t kid.  You’ve got all the information…tell me!  I can’t eat, can’t sleep…I’m always looking over my shoulder…

Kakita Brent: He’s derailed.

Bayushi Aramasu (climbing out of window): I’ll give them the slip yet!

Mirumoto Christopher (looking out window): It’s appears his master plan was the “leap off the mountain and escape into the pointy rocks below” ploy.

Kakita Brent: OH-MY-KAMI.

Mirumoto Christopher: Well…another interview ends in chaos and death…

Kakita Brent: The record stands!

Mirumoto Christopher: Well, I guess that’s it, folks.  I’m sorry that we couldn’t coax any more info out of Aramasu…

Kakita Brent: …before he snapped.

Mirumoto Christopher: And considering that we do have an alliance with the Scorpion, I would like to report that Aramasu is both weak and wounded, just below us.  Consider this a thank you for the Sword of the Sun.


The End (For now…)