An Interview with the <gulp!> Fire Dragon...

            ...thanks, MeiMei!

                                        Mirumoto Chris & Kakita Brent


Mirumoto Chris: Here we are again folks, presenting you with another marvel of the Kami...

Kakita Brent (Interrupting): A Scorpion Swimsuit Special?

Mirumoto Chris: Hmm, I wish I'd thought of that. Still, there's no way we could do that on our budget. But what we can do is present another interview from the field!

Kakita Brent: What kami-forsaken place did we ship MeiMei off at this time?

Mirumoto Chris (Outraged): Kami-forsaken! She's just two mountains over!

Kakita Brent: Who could there be two mountains over? Nobody else has been in this area since the Fire Dragon moved in… <trails off>

Horiuchi MeiMei (Through the crystal ball): Here I am near the summit of Mount Kitsuki about to attempt an interview with the Dragon of Fire him-, uh, itself.

Kakita Brent: Aaah!

Horiuchi MeiMei (Oblivious to Brent's reaction): Now it shouldn't be too hard to find a big lizard like Ol' Flamey around here.

Mirumoto Chris (Quietly): Uh-oh. Remember what she did to Amoro?

Horiuchi MeiMei (Climbing and yelling): Heeeere Flamey! Come here boy! *pats her leg*

(The mountain begins rumbling violently until suddenly the very peak explodes in flame and lava as the Dragon of Fire bursts into the air)

Horiuchi MeiMei: Wow! That was amazing! (To Brent and Christopher) Did you guys catch that?

Mirumoto Chris & Kakita Brent (In awe): Ooooh.

Horiuchi MeiMei: Excuse me Fire Dragon-sama, but may I ask you a few questions?

<The Dragon lands in front of MeiMei and its eyes begin glowing like white-hot embers>

Horiuchi MeiMei: Umm, since I haven't been vaporized, I'll take that as a yes.

<The Dragon shakes its head in an odd manner>

Horiuchi MeiMei: What does that mean?

<The Dragon begins tapping its claws in a seemingly impatient manner>

Horiuchi MeiMei: I'm sorry, but can you elaborate on that?

<The fire in the Dragon's eyes dims to a warm orange as it rolls its eyes in exasperation>

Horiuchi MeiMei (Hands on hips): Well, this is getting us nowhere. I don't suppose you could be a little more communicative?

<The Dragon raises one of its massive claws and MeiMei begins glowing in a terrible red light>

Kakita Brent: Oh no! Now she's done it!

<MeiMei's eyes glow orange like the Dragon of Fire's>

Horiuchi MeiMei (Possessed by the Fire Dragon): Why have you disturbed my slumber?

Horiuchi MeiMei (Herself again): Well, see I do some interviewing work for these guys two mountains over. You probably know them, Mirumoto Chris and Kakita Brent.

Mirumoto Chris: Ack! We're going to be turned into toasted Dragon munchies!

Horiuchi MeiMei (Possessed again): I know of them. You have four questions, child.

Horiuchi MeiMei: What brought you back to the world of mortal men?

Horiuchi MeiMei (Possessed): Technically, that would be the Baby Ki-Rin, but really we came back for the free meals.

Horichi MeiMei: Free meals?

Horichi MeiMei (Possessed): See, up in the Celestial Heavens we Dragons are among beings our equals, so if we want something to eat, then we've got to make it ourselves. Down here, we can just fly over a village, make sure they see where we land and in no time we're showered with offerings.

Horichi MeiMei: I see. So Why did you choose this area for your new lair? It's got a great view, but not much else.

Horichi MeiMei (Possessed): Yeah, it's just like all the other vacations spots I've ever been to. But here it's nice and quiet so I'm sure I could get a lot of rest and relaxation done if I'm not disturbed by any further visitors.

Horichi MeiMei: Eeep.

Horichi MeiMei (Possessed): So when you get back to Kyuden Ryu, be sure to tell every one that this area is off limits. Got it?

Horichi MeiMei (Meekly): Yes sir.

Horichi MeiMei (Possessed): Good. Now, what is your last question?

Horichi MeiMei: Do you have any idea how annoying it is to try to conduct an interview where you're talking to yourself the whole time?

Horichi MeiMei (Possessed): I am a Dragon! I know all! Of course I know how annoying it is! But it's still easier than playing Charades with you. Don't you understand anything? I was doing a Charade of a ground squirrel. <rolls eyes> Humans just don't get it.

<The Dragon flies away and lands in the mouth of the mountain-turned-volcano that they were on>

Horichi MeiMei: It looks like that's all the time my gracious guest had today. Hopefully I'll get a less dangerous assignment next time. And now back to you guys at the Interviewing Temple. Goodnight everybody!

Horichi MeiMei (Possessed): Goodnight everybody!

The End (for now…)