(Brotherhood of Shensei)


On the steps of the Temple of the Seven Thunders, we have found a fallen star.

Hitomi came to us, this is true, as she walked the lands of the Empire. But what she did not tell the Empire is this: she has left with us an inheritor of the future, a gift that holds the light of the Celestial Heavens. A raise of our hand rebuilt the temple, and the glow of the celestial star gained form once more, as if it had never been destroyed.

Even now I do not know what the object is. It can be held in an adult’s hand, cupped in the palm like a child’s toy. Yet its glow is so bright that no form can be seen, and it is so light to carry that no edges or weight can be felt.

I asked her what it was, and she only smiled. “Something Onnotangu could not destroy,” she said, “and something the Tenth Kami will need when the time comes for him to return to his homeland.” I asked her no more, and she left in silence.

The Tenth Kami. Norikazu laughs from his high purchase on the mountain’s edge, telling us that he can see Ryoshun’s face, that he brings the end of the world and a new beginning for the Empire.

I can only pray that his time will come soon.