Letter 10

(Clan Crab)

Sad tidings and brave deeds, my friends.

By now, you have certainly heard the rumours of deaths at Hiruma Castle. It is beseiged by the undead and under constant assualt from Oni. There may be no escape. Mourn the dead.

There are shadows on the wall, and strange figures in the southlands. Know that a Crab has no fear of the demons of that dark realm, but these are something different. Something we have not seen before...

Deep in the Twilight Mountains, near the ruins of the Boar Clan Palace, our scouts report strange markings in the trees and unknown tracks. The moon shines brightly over those forsaken lands, and the men whisper superstitous nonsense- of ninja and ghosts. I have removed these men from active duty. Perhaps the strain of constant fighting along the Wall has broken their minds. Yet, I cannot forget the faces of the men who have died under my command these last months, and when I hear their voices calling me from the western mounitains, I can only question my own sanity. It is as if Jigoku itmself has refused their souls, forcing them to walk the empire forever, lost to the fortunes.

The dead walk in the Shadowlands, but these spirits are nothing i have ever seen before.

Hiruma Yoshi