Letter 11

(Clan Crab)

Glory to the legions!

Our efforts have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams! The Citadel of the Hiruma is at last firmly in the hands of the Crab, and the Lion stand beside us in victory. Now the Horde has been driven from the field, scattered like a foul mist. The armies of the Lion stand on the wall, side by side with our warriors, comrades-at-arms.

Yet there is something strange going on in the ranks of the Horde, a hesitancy or weakness greater than any since the day the Dark One fell. The undead Moto ride their freakish beasts on the hills of the Kuni Wastes, turning away from our armies as though afraid to come to battle. Perhaps they fear our combined might. More likely there is something darker in the Shadowlands, gathering them from beyond our sight.

The drums call to us. Soon we will march under blue and gold mon. The greatest army Rokugan has ever seen will drive into the Shadowlands and break the armies of the Fallen Kami forever. I have heard that they gather at the lost Troll City, determined to march north once their numbers have grown.

We must not fail. We have O-Ushi's spirit. We cannot fail. We have the Lion's battle-guile. We will not fail, not because of mortal humanity or destiny, but because the children of Kisada-sama stand once more at our side!

It is true my doshi. We have heard his voice over the fields of the northern forests. The spirit of Hida Sukune walks once more beside us, breaking the silence to bring us joyful news. The armies will march north one final time to gather our true Champion. Not even death could separate the Master from his promise to the Emperor, and the spirit of his brother Sukune will lead him through Jigoku to out side.

Then, before our united strength, the Shadowlands will fall at last.

We march south at dawn.

We command with strength of mind, strength of body, strength of duty. We accept that no one else can do what we must.

We are the Crab. We are nothing else.

Hida Tsuru
Crab Horsemaster