Letter 6

(Clan Crab)

To my kinsmen:

The wheels have turned and our destiny is now clear. What we disrupted, it is now our duty to set aright again. I have spoken with the hooded Ronin, he whose veins flow with the blood of Shinsei; I have also spoken with Yokuni, the leader of the Dragons. They have set the path which we must follow.

The forces of darkness have fortified themselves behind the walls of the Imperial city, along with the deluded fools who insist that all is well with the Emperor. Those who know better are planning a counterattack on the Plains of Otosan Uchi. Yokatsu and his batte maidens, the fractured Lion forces... even Toturi has led his band of ragamuffins to assist in the cause. Of all of them, only the Crab have the force and manpower sufficient to lead. Without us, the army will doubtless fall to the gibbering madman inside the Imperial Palace. With us... they have a chance.

My father has risen from his sickbed, and has devised a plan of attack. With our strategy and Toturi's tactics, we believe we can stop the armies of Yogo Junzo and reclaim the throne from the creature that sits on it. To all who receive this note, gather yourselves and return to the Imperial City. As you travel to Otosan Uchi, take care to destroy any abominations from the dark land you may find. They run rampant in Rokugan, and the damage they cause is our responsibility. My father has atoned for the sin of our mistake; it is up to the rest of us to correct it.

For a thousand years, it has been our duty to protect Rokugan from the forces of the Shadowlands. In our lust for power, we have allowed that duty to lapse. If we wish to maintain even a semblence of honor, it is our sacred duty to remove this cancer that eats at the heart of the Emerald Empire. To do any less is to damn ourselves for eternity. I have heard rumors that members of the Crab continue to hold truck with the abominations of the Shadowlands. As daimyo and acting Champion of the Clan, I order you to cease such dealings at once. The taint of evil will stain our name no longer.

For those of you who ignore this order, and continue to dance with the devil, know this:

I will find you.

There is no Empire. There is no Emperor. There are only men, men who must wrench their future away from the monstrosity that threatens to swallow it whole. I will see you at the plains of Otosan Uchi, where the power of the Crab shall be tested one last time.

Twenty million drown in blood if we are weak.

Hida Yakamo