Letter 9

(Clan Crab)


Forty three days ago, my brother Yakamo took three hundred of our bravest warriors and fiercest samurai, and led them into the Shadowlands toward the castle of the Hiruma. Not a word of their fight has reached us, and there has been no lessening of the Oni against the Kaiu Walls.

As his ancestors before him, Yakamo has traveled into the Shadowlands and not returned. Therefore, until he does, I am acting in his stead as the Champion of the Crab. If he can be found, we will find him. However, out first priority is to defend our borders against Tsanuri's armies. The Lion march on Crab lands, and we must be ready.

With the last breach of the Kaiu Wall, we discovered that dealing with darkness has a price -- and no longer will we be tempted by that power. The Lion, thinking to take advantage of our weakness, send their troops toward our fortresses. Already, Tsuru tells me that his men have been cut down by Lion forces, slaughtered as they attempt to parlay. The Unicorn Magistrates assure me that if we attack, there will be no consequences, no repercussions from the Imperial Legions. We act in the Emperor's name.

Remind the Lion that they are no longer the Emperor's right hand.

Hida O-Ushi