Letter 1

(Clan Crane)


Greetings and good will to you -

It is my duty to bring news from the Empire to you, our most trusted ally, for it is only with your assistance that we may save Rokugan from an age of eternal darkness. There is much to say, and so I shall dispense with the formalities.

With the Crab Clan turning their back on their duty, the Shadowlands have begun to creep into the Empire. Already we have seen armies of dead men marching across Rokugan, and the first major battle between the Clans has taken place. We lost much in the battle, but in the end, the sacrifices that were made brought us victory. Master Toshimoko was vitally instrumental in our victory, bringing much honor to our Clan. His courage is to be remembered.

We gained two vital allies on that day: the Lion Clan and the Phoenix Clan. The Dragons were also instrumental in our victory, but it was the actions of Matsu Tsuke that allowed us our victory. It was she that stood against the destructive power of the Crab. And though the Phoenix army was situated for an attack, they chose not to do so, thus keeping the Crab armies from attacking further into our lands.

Yes, we have achieved the first victory in this war, but the only victory that matters is the reunion of the Clans under the Emperor's banner. Our alliance with the Lion Clan is tenuous at best, and we have never understood the enigma that is the Dragon Clan.

As for the rumors of the rebirth of the Scorpion Clan, let me put your worries to rest. I have just received a letter from our Champion, Doji Hoturi. He even now speaks to the Emperor in the Imperial Palace, and he assures me that there is no need to be concerned with the fallen Bayushi family. Their Champion is dead and their scheming High Lady is separated from the politics of the Empire.

But the rumors of the Naga...that is something I can say nothing of. We have seen what may be Naga, but reports are never conclusive. We shall have to investigate further.

We have also seen evidence to prove the rumor that Akodo Toturi (the fallen Lion Champion) has gathered a small band of samurai about him. They seem to be mostly Dragon and Unicorn, although many ronin have also joined him. If you can, appeal to him, for he is a man of great wisdom in the ways of war, and he would make an invaluable ally to us in this dark time.

That is all the news I can bring you for now, my friend. Go with the wisdom of Shinsei in your heart and pray to the Seven Fortunes that this conflict finds its resolution soon.

Kakita Yoshi