Letter 12

(Clan Crane)


Sons of Doji, Daughters of Kakita, No more blood is to be shed on the fields of the Crane.

Though the war is not ended, the battles are to be stopped. Our noble champion, Doji Kuwanan agreed to meet with the betrayer, Uji, at captured Shiro no Yojin. Whatever the outcome of their discussion, the Crane will fight no more.

Now it is the duty of the courtiers to heal the wounds that war has bought, and then we must turn our attack against this mysterious Shadow, which has brought the Moon itself to earth and destroyed the honor of our Empire. Worse, numerous Crane villages have fallen, vanished completely, all across our border with the Crab and the Southern edge of the Twilight Mountains. The Shadow is not a passive enemy, and if we do not cease our internal strife, it will destroy us. Bear that in mind as you sharpen your sword for war.

And there is news of the north as well: Once each generation, the Kakita and Mirumoto schools hold a contest at the Valley of the Two Generals. In the tradition of these two great champions, we gather with our brethren in the Dragon Clan to determine the strength of our two honored schools. Each generation, as you know from your lessons at Kakita Academy, holds a duel on the anniversary of the Battle of the Two Generals, to determine which school's techniques are better taught. It is in the reverence to the ancient duel performed by Kakita and Mirumoto long ago. Let us renew our ties to our fellow clans, even in time of war and bloodshed. Let a duel of honor, as was done by the first Mirumoto and the first Kakita a thousand years ago, show our dedication to their ideal.

The finest student of each school, once in a generation, will stand on that day in single combat. Kaiten, whose voice has been loud in teh cause of peace between our divided families, is our champion.

May Kakita smile upon us all.

Asahina Tomo