Letter 1

(Clan Dragon)


My most honored ally,

The Dragon Clan sends you greetings, good ally, and wishes you well on all your journeys. These are dark times, and to make a journey across the once pleasant plains of Rokugan is now a perilous and possibly foolish act. Only the wise and the naive travel in darkness. We hope you are not naive.

We bring you news of the Empire, friend. We have taken a part in the recent battle between the six Clans, and there is much to tell and explain. At the surface, our actions may seem irrational, but as it is with our Clan, there are deep truths to be found under the dark clouds of mystery.

The battle was fierce, and there were many times when a victor could have been decided, but at a moment's notice, victory was snatched from his grasp. Seizing victory is much like fishing: you must learn to give a little on the line, lest the weight of your prize work against you.

Strangely enough, it was the Phoenix Clan who showed great wisdom in the final decisive action of the battle. There had been many opportunities for the Lion Clan to walk away with the victory, but it was always our samurai that kept them from ravaging an enemy's Province. But at the last moment, the Crane Clan sought alliances among the Clans, and it seemed their action might prove successful. That was when the Crab Clan made its move into Crane territory, but they were unsuccessful, finding themselves blocked by the battle wisdom of Daidoji Uji and the keen blade of Iaijutsu Master Toshimoko. The Phoenix Clan had an opportunity to attack then, with the defending armies all engaged to the south, the army led by Shiba Tsukune was unhindered in her path to the Fief of the Crane, but she showed great wisdom in her reluctance to attack. The Crane had won the day, and we allowed it to be so, for it is better that they win than the Crab. However, the Empire has been cut in half by the armies of Crab, prohibiting us from communicating with the other Clans. It seems their intent was not on victory, but in gaining superior position.

As for our own Clan, you will rejoice to hear that our armies were ever-present on the battlefield. We won many duels and our Champion was seen on the field for a time, slicing down Unicorn armies with his sorcery and steel. Also, a small band of samurai has been cut off from the major force by the Crab blockade. It is currently under the command of Mirumoto Hitomi, along with the ronin Akodo Toturi.

When we discover more news regarding the Empire, we shall let you know. In the meantime, keep your own ears and eyes open for news from other Clans.

Togashi Yoshi