Letter 10

(Clan Dragon)


We are the New Way.

Hitomi-sama calls us to her side, at the last, to defend the Dragon Clan from her enemies. We must not fail. Although the Naga are strong, they are misguided. The monks, and our betraying brethren who stand with them, choose not to understand, not to open their minds to the path of our Lady's wisdom. We do not wish to kill them.

They have brought the war to us.

We are the light of truth.

When her eyes shine like a thousand stars, we can see her Thunder's souls. We who have served through dishonor, scorn and condemnations, will reap the benefits of our loyalty, And when the Empire looks into the sky and sees the eyes of our Lady, they will know we spoke the truth.

We hold in trust the child of the KiRin, for its soul is entwined with her own. Hitomi-sama's visions told her where to find it, and how to tame it for her own. When she rises in glory, all Rokugan will know the wisdom of her heart. Lest those of you who struggle for purity know this: our Lady is not Tainted, not corrupted, not evil. Her heart is true, and her new beginning will be the rise of an eternal heaven to mirror the land of the Dragons, here in the empire.

We are the vision of the future.

The ise-zumi do not wish to fight their brothers. It was never our goal to begin this war, but we must end it. In the chambers below the palace, a captured shadow struggles to be free of her strength, but she will not release it until she has learned the secrets it keeps.

But there is one battle still to fight, a war in which our Lady cannot aid us.  Her path calls her to the ancient heart of the mountains, and only a few of her  most trusted can go with her. Until she returns, we must keep the palace from falling to the hands of our enemies.

We will know she is returning when the moon falls from the sky.

Hitomi Dajan