Letter 12

(Clan Dragon)



The Scorpion have returned, and with them, our alliance.

We have aided them only in retrieving what is rightfully theirs. In return, they have brought to us a golden sword, symbol of the sun and of our united house. Let no Togashi nor Hitomi ever carry the sacred blade let it be a symbol of our peace and of our fealty to one another.

It will be forever carried by the Mirumoto. Let their honor and steadfastness be our guide.

And there is news of the south: Once each generation, the Kakita and Mirumoto schools hold a contest at the Valley of the Two Generals. In the tradition of these two great champions, we gather with our Crane brethren to determine the strength of our schools. Each generation, we hold a duel to determine which school's techniques are better taught. It is in reverence to the ancient duel performed by Kakita and Mirumoto long ago. Let it renew our ties to our fellow clans, even in this time of war and bloodshed. Let a duel of honor, as was done by the first Mirumoto and the first Kakita a thousand years ago, show our dedication to their ideal.

The finest student of each school, once in a generation, will stand on that day in single combat. Uso is our champion, and his sword will do us honor. May he show the strength of steel in the memory of his ancient ancestor.

Mirumoto Sukune