Letter 2

(Clan Dragon)



The wind brings news from all corners of the Empire. To the west, our brother Daini returns with ancient allies. From the east, we hear news of the Test of the Emerald Champion. To the north, the Phoenix tell of the Black Scrolls and to the south, our scouts bring news of the actions of our army and the ronin Toturi.

With instruction from the Fallen Lion, our brother Daini has returned with the Naga. His messengers tell us that he does battle with the Shadowlands and their shugenja-general, the twisted and corrupted Yogo Junzo. Daini tells us he has learned much of the Shadowlands in his battles, and his knowledge will prove to be invaluable.

As for the east, we have learned of the Lady Scorpion's attempt to put our own Mirumoto Hitomi into the Emerald Armor. Our battle-sister has fallen under the Lady Scorpion's sway, her poisoned tongue has darkened young Hitomi's heart and filled it with dreams of revenge. However, it was not Hitomi who won the tournament, but the Gray Crane, Kakita Toshimoko. Even with the ancient power of the Obsidian Hand, Hitomi was unable to defeat the Iaijutsu Master, and only the magic of the Hand was able to save her life.

With the finding of the Obsidian Hand also comes the finding of the Black Scrolls. You know now that it was the shugenja Yogo Junzo who opened the First Scroll, and the prophecy speaks, "When the First is opened, so shall follow the others." The Phoenix Elemental Masters have taken to studying the power of the scrolls, but they have found themselves being corrupted by their power. We must not hear the Scrolls' siren song and find ourselves tempted by their power as the Phoenix have done. They will find the secrets the Empire must know, but we must remain pure from their influence, for only purity may save us now.

And do not forget Toturi in the south. Our Champion gave to him the Fan of Command and chose him to lead our armies. We have much to learn from his knowledge of tactics and strategy. He has taken Togashi Mitsu as his advisor, and with his knowledge, they shall make our army into a deadly force.

Be faithful. Be true. A dark time is coming, and we must be strong. And when the darkness of midnight fall upon us, remember that you are Dragon. You are never alone.

Togashi Yoshi