Letter 3

(Clan Dragon)



The ronin Toturi no longer leads an army of Dragons. The army he leads now is an army of Dragons, Unicorns and others who have seen through the mist of politics the Lady of Scorpions has dropped over the Empire. Toturi is the only one with clarity of vision and the strength of purpose to lead such an army. Some among us are protesting that so many of our number should not be following one such as he, but I can assure you that his purpose and ours are as one. He will not fail us.

However, the dark time that has fallen upon Rokugan will not fade with the passing of the spring into summer. We must make haste if we are to be ready when the twilight turns to night. Already the houses of the Crane are falling. first Kakita Palace and now Doji Palace. The houses of the Asahina family are next. Only the tiny army of Naga led by our own Daini will be able to stand against the Shadowlands army, and they may not be enough. Toturi has been cut off from the Crane by a charmed Shinjo Yasamura. Our spy in the Capital said that a young Scorpion Lady was sent to convince the young Unicorn to keep Toturi from moving through Beiden Pass. If this is true, then Lady Bayushi's influence extends much further than we anticipated. It is imperative that she not extend that influence any further. All the pieces must be in place when our Champion returns. If she continues to try to avert the inevitable, then all will be lost. She has even gained influence over the young Mirumoto Hitomi. The samurai-maiden now wears the Obsidian Hand, the ancient Scorpion relic. Once she was one of our bravest warriors, and now she is just another pawn of Lady Kachiko. The Scorpion are also responsible for the deep rooted corruption that has awakened in the Shadowlands. Its source is Yogo Junzo, the shugenja who once guarded the First Black Scroll. It was the Scorpion's duty to guard the Scrolls, to ensure their isolation, and now they have failed even that. We do not know how many have been opened, but unspeakable consequences await all of us should their secrets be unlocked.

Take care in these dark times, my friend. Soon, darker days will arrive, and we must be ready. We have been warned.

Kitsuki Yasu