Letter 9

(Clan Dragon)


My Children,

The Naga have invaded our sacred ground, and the traitors who refuse to release the shackles of the Old Ways flee from our new path. But you, with courage and dedication, have continued to stand your ground with unswerving loyalty. For that I salute you. Your Lady has noted your bravery and your devotion.

You will be rewarded.

There are those who say we have gone mad. That defending our lands and our lives are a sign of evil. They whisper behind their hands, saying that you follow a woman whose eyes are filled with insanity. Yes, I have heard them. And I have watched them die.

I follow our Lady's will. Her spirit is filled with the wonders of ten centuries, and the voice of our kami still murmurs in her ears. Others say we have lost our way. Their kami fled them a thousand years ago, but ours is still with us. How can we have lost his path?

Let them argue and cast blame, it is nothing compared to the mysteries we are about to discover. The darkness will unfold before us, and we will arise on the far side of the night. When we do, we will look down on those who scorned us, and we will have our revenge.

We are the New Way. We are the light of a brave new future, a future which will crush the old in an obsidian hand. It is our destiny to find the truths from which the others cower.

Let the Naga come. Their day is done, their age is over.

Ours is just beginning.