(Clan Dragon)


My son,

I look into your eyes, and I see the future.

Your name is Togashi, as was your fatherís, and the father who came to lead us all. Your given name shall be Satsu, as a favor to the woman who was more than a riddle-she was the answer to a thousand questions that have yet to be asked.

But to those outside our clan, you will be nothing more than another ize zumi hidden in the mountainís core. To them, you are only one Togashi among a hundred, a child named Yoshune-another chosen of the Togashi, another enigma within the riddle. The Empire is not ready to see the Dragon in your eyes.

To the clan, you are Satsu. Our son. Our new generation.

What sights will you see within your life? Will you see a glowing Sun above you, and will you look upon the Moon as a friend? Will I live to stand beside you, father with son, and show you the Empire as it once was under a dynasty of peace and providence? If it takes all of my power, all of my strength, and the fire of my lifeís own soul, I will bring that Empire to you and remove the chains of the Shadow placed around our mountains. Already four have died along the road, their faces sliding into ash as the Shadow claimed them. Three committed seppuku before it was too late, and the fourth begged me to give him rest and sever his head with a crystal sword. They were Dragon. They died well.

Still, even as I lead these brave souls from the mountains of the Crab and into the Shadowlands to defeat the enemy and complete Hitomiís quest, I remember the first moment Eisai placed you in my arms.

For you, I can only believe that our path will lead to victory.

Togashi Hoshi