(Clan Lion)



There are no ancestors; there is only pain.

There is no honor; there is only death.

There will be no future; yet still, we are the Lion.

Do you believe our path ties into these things? You are wrong. We have forgotten Akodo’s way and walked down the road of arrogance and hatred for too long. Remember, kindred, and rise once more. Remember honor, remember righteousness, but above all remember your family and your sword-arm. Remember the words of Akodo, who taught us that a blade unstained is a blade unused.

It is not the way of the samurai to question their path; only to follow it with respect and dignity and to give their lives with pride when the need is great. That is the heart of the Lion, and it is a heart of pride and of honor. But do not give yourself to these things alone.

Already, the Kitsu ready themselves to awaken the spirit-gate to Jigoku. Already, they prepare to give their lives to redeem the errors of the past. Will you join them? Is your own life worth the honor of your house, and will you spend your courage to awaken the Sun and save the Empire?

Is your blade enough when matched with a thousand more, all shouting in the name of the Lion?

I may not return from this journey into the Shadowlands, but the heart of honor will bear my name-and the names of those who march with me-forever. Sacrifice will redeem the Lion and give purpose to Tsuko’s vision. Turi stands with me, leading a solemn-eyed group of samurai. I have granted him the right to claim a new legion within the Lion Clan. He calls it “Tsuko’s Heart.”

I am prepared to give my own life for the Empire.

Are you?

If you are, then march with me, and be my kin.

Ikoma Tsanuri