Letter 8 (secondary)

(Clan Lion)


    To Arms! To Arms!

   The Imperial Palace has been taken -- the Imperial Line has been struck down! All the petty whining of the Crane, their Iaijutsu Masters and their diplomats, could not protect the Emperor from the doom brought to him by the Scorpion. Now there is only our wrath and our courage left to defend the Empire. Gather on the Osari plains, my comrades, and we shall march to the palace and remove this Usurper from the Emerald Throne with the fury of our blades! Toturi has left us in our time of need, and vanished without trace -- we shall have our revenge on the Crane for their part in that matter, once the fields of the Emperor have been returned to the Hantei line. For too long, the Crane have stolen our lands and our honor, and the Akodo have allowed them to take from us what was rightfully ours. Now we must prove that even weakened by Toturi's arrogance and pacifistic prattle, the Lion are still a clan to be feared.

   There are those who once said that the Crane were the right hand of the Emperor, and the Scorpion were the underhand -- now both has [sic] failed his trust, and there is only the Lion, the heart of the Emperor and his left hand -- to guard his line. Although the Emperor has been foully murdered by the Usurper, there are rumors that the son of the Imperial line may have survived, hidden within the palace by his last faithful servants. For the sake of the Empire, I pray to the Fortunes that it is so.

   Meet me before the walls of the Imperial palace, and we will show all of Rokugan -- Crane, Crab or Scorpion, -- that the Lion are not so easily conquered. Meet me on the field of battle, and we will have our victory!

   Matsu Tsuko