Letter 9

(Clan Lion)


    The wind brings news from all corners of the Empire - dark news, and sorrowful times, after the loss of Toturi the First. The omens and portents of the futures bring evil tidings, and rumors of war.

    While the Naga move across the land screaming battle-cries against the Empire and slaughtering the noble Dragon, the Unicorn do nothing. Although they say they speak with Toturi's voice, they turn their heads to the threat of these invaders. Perhaps the Naga have always been our enemies, perhaps they fought with us only against the greater evil. One thing isfor certain: now that the Dark Lord has been driven from our land, the Naga have not proven to be our allies. The Unicorn say that their loyalty is to the Empire. But I say Yokatsu's true goal is the Jade Throne, and nothing will make him content until he sits in judgement on the rest of the Great Clans. His Otaku maidens proclaim military law upon the half-empty cities of the Scorpion, and Ryoko Owai is sealed by Unicorn command. They make no move to stop the war in the Dragon lands. In fact, they do nothing at all, save scream that they will defend the Empire until Toturi returns. A defense which they have not proven.

    We have not forgotten that the Unicorn stood idly by during the Clan War as our armies were cut down on all sides by the Shadowlands. While we fought the battles of the Great Clan War, while our Tsuko-sama was destroyed, they did nothing but watch. And now they thnk to rule us, to declare them- selves the right hand of the Emperor. We will not submit our rightful place by the Jade Throne, and we will not take lessons from children.

    Although few of Akodo's children remain among us, the line of the Ikoma is descended from the same noble blood. Tsanuri will lead us back to our rightful place, if we have the courage to follow where she leads! Rise with your sword ready, for we fight to keep our place at the side of the jade Throne. In the Empire's moment of weakness, the darkness rises again. We have two goals, my friends: restore an Emperor to the Empire, and destroy those who would stand against us.

    We are the Lion. We cannot fail.

   Kitsu Okura