Letter 10

(Clan Mantis/Yoritomo's Alliance)


Call to arms!

Our Lord summons us to the northlands, and we must go. In the lands of the Phoenix, a fading pit of sorcery has been found. There stands a castle with no name, and a city which seems to have sprung from the bowels of Fu Leng's pit.

No word from our Scorpion allies, although the young 'hostage' they have delivered into our care seems confident that they will arrive when we last reach the Phoenix palace, opening the gates for us to complete a relatively bloodless conquest. If the Phoenix cannot maintain their lands, then we shall do it for them.

And cause to celebrate - with the wedding of Lord Yoritomo-sama, the Centipede clan has joined our house. The Wasp and Centipede, united beneath the Mantis banner. Now, our strength can no longer be denied, and is insured for our children, and the descendents of our families for a thousand years to come.

But there is still much to do. The Phoenix still resist us, the Crane betray and attack us, and the Unicorn proclaim their law on our lands. An Emperor must ascend the throne of Rokugan... and that Emperor must be strong enough to marshal the land under one banner. Only one man in our history has been strong enough to unite the fragmented families of Rokugan, and when he chooses to rest upon a Jade Throne, we must stand with him.

Be ready, our time is now.

Yoritomo Masasue