Letter 6

(Clan Mantis/Yoritomo's Alliance)

To the rest of the Alliance:

Our army is positioned to the west and south of Otosan Uchi. The archers of the Wasp wait, hidden behind trees and rocks for the approach. Ryosei of the Fox waits further south, watching thier advance. They believe they will aid the undead Scorpionís army.

They are wrong.

Kamotoís forces lie to the north, ready to flank thier approach. Genzoís troops lie to the south, ready to engage them when they crest the hill.

All is ready.

We are Toturiís trap. Thier scouts have reported all armies ready at Otosan Uchi. They did not count on us. They do not anticipate our ambush. When the necromancerís army of dead men marches into the Sokustel woods, he will first meet our Wasp archers. He will charge his army onward or retreat to avoid them. His zombies are not fast enough to catch a small force that can move through the forest so quickly. If he charges on, Genzo will attack from the flank as the archers continue thier flurry. When they turn on Genzo, he will retreat and Kamoto will attack from the other direction.

When they turn on Kamoto, Genzo will re-establish his attack. All the while, Tsuruchiís archers will continue thier assault. The archer has learned much under Toturiís tutelage. He has learned to think in terms of opportunities. That makes me smile. If the necromancer divides his greater force to chase down our two smaller forces, then we will have him. His zombies and skeletons are slow, and our shugenja are armed with spells of jade and holy crystal to decimate them.

We will divide them.

Then we will conquer them.

Then, I will go to the armies of the Clans and give them our demand. Even if our demand is met, we will never meet again, my friend. Death is the price I am willing to pay.

Do not dishonour my act with failure.

Until we meet again.