Letter 1 (secondary)

(Clan Phoenix)


I have taken this moment to tell you the things that others do not know. You have already heard of the Fall of Kakita Castle in the provinces of the Crane, and how the battle was turned by the Crane's own Champion leading an army of dead men against his own family, but what you have not heard is the truth.

That man is not Doji Hoturi.

I have recently spoken with Togashi Yokune, and he has assured me it was the Lady Scorpion who was behind it all. She used the ancient Egg of P'an Ku to create a duplicate of Lord Hoturi and kidnapped the Crane Lord, holding him captive in the Imperial Palace. Only recently was he freed by a young ronin named Akiyosho who was acting under Lord Yokune's orders. Let us make no mistake, it is the Lady Scorpion who now rules the Palace. She has made dark alliances, my friend, and a darker time than today is nearly upon us. We must make certain that all is prepared.

The Battle for Baiden Pass is over, and we have accomplished what must be done there. The Crab retreated from Kakita Castle to the Crossroads of the Empire, and would have cut us off from the other Clans if it were not for the noble Shiba Tsukune who led our army against them. Once again, her courage and forethought were vital to our success. Pray for her, that she may continue to lead our army to victory. The Unicorn now hold the Pass, and they have assured me that we shall find save passage there.

There is no word from Isawa Tadaka on his journey to the Shadowlands. When we learned of the opening of the First Scroll -- but then, you have not heard of this news, have you? Forgive me, my friend, but there is much I cannot say just yet. I can only tell you this: Long ago, an evil power was destroyed by our Master Shinsei, and twelve Black Scrolls were the instruments of his destruction. It was the duty of the Scorpion Clan to hide the Scrolls so they may never be found, but it appears that the first guardian, a Scorpion shugenja named Yugo Junzo, has opened the First Scroll. I can tell you now more, but we have sent the Master of Earth to investigate the matter, and he has not returned. We will keep you notified if the situation changes.

Shiba Ujimitsu