(Clan Phoenix)



Your faith has served you well, but I am an old man, and I must rest soon. You four, you precious four, will be the strength of the clan when I am gone. Soon, only you will remain.

I know that the fifth does not stand among you, but last night I had a dream greater than all dreams that I have ever seen in my long and weary lifetime. Shinsei himself came to me and took my hand. He told me that it was time for me to stop searching and to rest.

I knew then that my time was near.

But I do not doubt that your fifth will arise when you need him most, and that he will not require my training. I have done all that I can. May your hearts be light, and may you find enlightenment through the wisdom you find in each thing. Your magic can defeat this Shadow; I know it to be true.

When the fifth arises, join him, and set your spirits free.

You ask me if I have any wishes, anything that can be done to see my soul at peace. I have two. The first is simple: place my ashes on the west side of the Plain of White Oak. It is a fitting end for a wanderer such as myself. The second may be all that is left of the Empire.

I would like to see the Sun rise, once more, before I die.

Naka Kuro