(Toturi's Army/Imperial Clan)


Soldiers of the Emperor,

This Shadow that lives and breathes defiles our ranks. Already we have been forced to execute ten people for treason, and the face of each one slid like dust as the head rolled to the ground. It is among us, and I fear that it will destroy us.

Already this soul disease has tainted four magistrates, their judgments causing wars and battles between family and clan and turning samurai against samurai. It has been with us from the beginning-and its treachery has destroyed us.

The magistrates of the Empire walk into the fields and towns, and they are feared. Hated. The Shadow has done this, as the Shadow has destroyed the Emperor.

I fear for our lives-but more, I fear that we will not catch them all, and the Shadow will destroy the Emerald magistrates. It is among us.

Find it. Kill it. Free us before our faces become as blank as slate.

Seppun Nakao