(Clan Scorpion)


The deepest secrets of all . . . .

In the hearts of each clan, the Shadow has gathered.

It has caused the Crane to make war on each other, taking the places of both Uji and Kuwanan and splitting the clan in two.

A shadow-beast in the form of a man, calling himself Moshi Hito, began a careful assassination and infiltration into the Phoenix. Somehow, he has been destroyed. We do not know how, or by whom.

It has broken the Unicorn, revealing the secrets of the Kolat and causing them to slaughter the Lion.

It has hidden the passing of messages from Lion to Lion, replacing each messenger’s face with that of the daimyo of the Kitsu when the decision was being made to summon the oni.

The Shadow has slipped into the Mantis, lending their troops the strength they needed to defeat the Phoenix. Did you think that even with the secrets Aramasu loaned them, Yoritomo’s troops had the might to march across an Empire? The Living Darkness gave them power, even if they did not know its source.

And behind all of these faces, behind the friends you know and trust, a darkness lies.

Only we know it. Only the Scorpion can search it out.

Now that we have discovered it, we must destroy it.

Your duty is to recover its secrets. Mine, to destroy the keeper of its stolen wisdom.

If you do not hear from me again, know that I will always be with you.

B. K.