(Clan Unicorn)


Today I saw the death of my sister-at-arms, Otaku Tetsuko, by her own hand and her own sword. I stood second at her seppuku, and she did not cry out or dishonor herself. Even at the end, she was strong.

She came before our Kami dressed in the white of mourning, and she spoke of these Kolat that have plagued our people. She was unafraid, even beneath the gaze of the immortal Shinjo, and I was proud. Proud to see her death, and proud to send her soul to Jigoku as a Unicorn.

Do not be sad for her. Know that she was honored by the Kamiís permission to commit seppuku. It renewed her soul and returned her to our people, destroying the taint of these infiltrators who have used us for so long.

But before she knelt and drew her sword, she spoke the names of all those who have served the Kolat and all those who have betrayed the Unicorn. She paid for her honor with the truth, and because of her words, we can clear the conscience and purge the blood of our clan. Already we have destroyed three strongholds hidden in our lands; the fourth, a great mountain above a hidden valley, will fall in time.

Know that she died as a Unicorn.

Know, then, that she died well.

Xieng Chi