A Strange Beginning

By Kakita Saito



    The Lady shines over the horizon,spreading her glorious light slowing over Shiro no Kakita.I stared at her, wondering about the strange new day and the fate of my friend.Behind me is the bloody house of Asahina Yori,a shugenja who has traveled the Empire in the service of his clan.Now dead(killed) in the heartland of his clan.Noted for his kind heart(and useless son),Yori is a man without enemies,that is until yesterday.His still body has already been moved out of his house by the eta and the magistrates have already arrived.The only good thing out of this...  

"Saito-san."The familiar voice shook me from my thoughts.The man I saw caused a slight smile to grace the edge of my face.Walking up towards me with a practiced grace,he bow his head as I did.


"I heard some strange tales in the city concerning a person called Asahina Nakayama."Takuma looked into my eyes."I hoped to get some information on him if permitted."He bowed again.


"I'm afraid there is little I can tell you Takuma-san.Outside the fact that his father was found dead in their house and Nakayama is missing."


"Why are you and your fellow samurais on the streets then?"


"Imura-sama and 2 fellow magistrates are in the house with a shugenja,"I paused."They have ordered everyone else out of the house."


"3 magistrates on the same case?"A look of concern touched Takuma's face briefly."Is there something here that would involved a shugenja?"


I couldn't helped but remember the first time the 3 of us met in the dojo.Takuma, a fresh student of Toshimoko-sama,coming to visit a fellow school.Nakayama,a failed shugenja who was trying to find his path in life.How did we became friends as quickly as we did.


"It seems that a battle involving the elements was waged in the house."


"Then Yori-sama...."


I nodded my head."Was involved in it we believed.However,since Nakayama cannot hear the voice of the kami,it seems highly unlikely that he was the other party in the battle."


Kakita Diro stepped out of the house at this point and signaled us to enter.


"The magistrates have need of us.I am afraid that is all we have for now Takuma-san."


"I understand.I have no wish to disturb you in your duty.However,perhaps later we could talk about the day...like we did yesterday."


"Hai.That would please me as well.Now if you would forgive me,I am afraid this is going to be a busy day."


We bowed one more time and went our separate ways