The Swordmaster


Containing the stories of Yoritomo Yorishi, Kakita Kenshuko, and Hiruma Satsukiru.  The wandering swordsman must face both the steel of the Imperial City and the weapons of the Mantis Isles, in order to find what he has lost.  Koshin is given a chance to serve his clan in their hour of darkness, as his newest enemy prepares to test the swordsman's inner steel.

Chapter Eleven: The Student of Water

Chapter Twelve: The Mantis Isles

Chapter Thirteen: The Third Master

Chapter Fourteen: Dark Eyes

Chapter Fifteen: Duty to the Clan

Chapter Sixteen: Yojimbo

Chapter Seventeen: Chugo

Chapter Eighteen: Agehanasu

Chapter Nineteen: Hungry Wolves

Chapter Twenty: Gi