The Swordmaster


Containing the stories Moto Tetsukiko, Shimekiri, Shiba Dekai, and Daidoji Ujirou.  Koshin learns more about the nature of victory at the edge of a Burning Sands blade, and learns the fate of an old adversary and his power's price, and discovers a new part of his journey and a new power when he is asked to pass on his teachings to a child of his clan.

Chapter Thirty-One: The Fifth Master

Chapter Thirty-Two: Prelude to the Fight

Chapter Thirty-Three: Nightmare

Chapter Thirty-Four: One Man's Honor  

Chapter Thirty-Five: The Sixth Master

    A Father's Blessing by Togashi Masurao

Chapter Thirty-Six: One Life

    Lessons of Honor by Daidoji Gisei

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Chasing Ghosts

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Before the Strike

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Rules to the Game

Chapter Forty: The Seventh Master