The Swordmaster


Containing the tales of Shiba Mori, the Kouryo no Ken, and Goju Hitokan.  Koshin finds that even the true power of his sword cannot protect against all of the strength of his oldest enemies.  It is a time for reunions, both fair and foul, as the wanderer and his student cross paths with a murderer and a daughter.

Chapter Forty-One: Unbeatable

Chapter Forty-Two: Letters

        The Rensei Tribute: Floating Cloud

        The Burden of Knowledge by Togashi Masurao

Chapter Forty-Three: The Traveling Sword

Chapter Forty-Four: Showdown

Chapter Forty-Five: The Dark One's Honor

Chapter Forty-Six: Struggles

Chapter Forty-Seven: Complicated

Chapter Forty-Eight: Reunion

Chapter Forty-Nine: The Perfect Sword

Chapter Fifty: Old Debts