The Swordmaster


Containing the tales of Matsu Yoshinoko, Daidoji Sagatsu, Goju Bukichi, and Mirumoto Tenryuu.  Destiny chooses the beginning of the last battle on Koshin's road, but before that duel there are many battles yet to fall.  The student and master must walk the roads of a fallen clan, and Koshin must face the challenges of both the master of Niten, and the turmoil of his own past and blades...

Chapter Fifty-One: The Eighth Master

        Daidoji Sagatsu: A Test of Stone

Chapter Fifty-Two: Gossamer Wings

Chapter Fifty-Three: Students and Masters

Chapter Fifty-Four: Styles

Chapter Fifty-Five: Family

Chapter Fifty-Six: Heaven's Path

Chapter Fifty-Seven: The Ninth Master

Chapter Fifty-Eight: The Moment of Truth

Chapter Fifty-Nine: Nature of the Beast

Chapter Sixty: Final Requiem