by Brent Morgan

"Beyond Endgame lies The End."

A man's life is not made by the world that he lives in, or by the fortunes that are given him.  He lives by the choices that are made, the lessons that are offered, and the battles that he wins, loses, or never sees...

The End.  It has a nice ring to it, and so I think that there's little to change.  Swordmaster began around April 12th, 7:00PM, last year.  That's fifteen months, almost to the nose.  When I started, there was a plan to write ten chapters...things kind of got out of hand.

It's not hard to guess that I could never have done this sort of thing on my own, and so to those people who have helped the most with this little time-stealer, I have devoted this page of Dedications.  Without a doubt, they all have, in one way or another, seen me through the battles I often have with writing, and left little footprints in Rokugan, at least the Rokugan I know.

Koshin's story is now ended, but there are still countless journeys that we all have yet to see and experience.  To coin a cliché, this story has taught me that Rokugan is not so different from the Real World TM; bound only by the limits we allow.  Thank you for taking the time to read this little tale.  I hope to hear from you once you finish it, but more than that, I hope that you enjoyed it.

"Kakita" Brent Morgan * Ricepaper Samurai * Swordmaster * July 2002

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