The Swordmaster: Dedications

It would hardly be an over-generalization to say that I owe hundreds of people for the completion of Swordmaster in one way or another.  While this single page is dedicated to those whom I owe the most, it would be a terrible mistake to not mention how much so many have helped me.

To Chris: Without you, there would be no Kyuden Ryu.

To Tenryuu: Without you, there would be no Swordmaster.

To all the Ricepaper Society: For inspiration and critiques.

To James, John and Owen: For suffering all my AD&D plots in good form.

To MeiMei, Arashi, and Sagatsu: For listening to me complain.

To Kaori and Shimekiri: For trusting me with your fates.

To Kensei: For Ukigumo.

To Gisei: For Ujirou, and constant encouragement.

To Masurao: For the Kouryo-no-Ken.

To Mr. Furek and Mr. Rotella: For putting up with it all.

And finally, to my Mom: Because otherwise I'd go to Hell.