Timeline - Kakita Koshin

I have been writing, roleplaying, and just plain boring people to death with Koshin for some time now; some have born it all in good graces, and others...well, never mind that.  This timeline is probably rough and error-filled, but it is a start.  Other stories with Koshin are cited below.  It was compiled using information from the Time of the Void sourcebook and the Oriental Adventures d20 book.  It's amazing how much time I've spent in Rokugan...not that I have any regrets. - Brent

Year                 Event
1100            Kakita Koshin born (The 16th day of the Month of Doji)

1103            First sister Kakita Airei born (The 18th day of the Month of Shiba)

1105            Koshin begins training at the Kakita Kenjutsu School

1106            Second sister Kakita Miyu born (The 1st day of the Month of Doji)

1109            Mother (Mirumoto/Kakita Miyu) dies from protracted illness 1
                            - Koshin receives the sword Keteki from his father

1110            Mirumoto Nikkan meets Koshin in the Doji Courts

1116            Koshin first faces Kakita Shimekiri in a duel
                            - Shimekiri gives Koshin the nickname "Ni-Ken no Tsuru"

1123            Scorpion Clan Coup - Koshin's Father serves in the Crane forces
                            - Koshin receives the sword Akuraikaze from Kakita Toshimoko

1123            Koshin fights Lion forces; survives six duels during the battle
                            - Koshin fostered to Dragon Lands by command of Kakita Kashiwa 2

1126            Koshin returns to the Crane to fight at the Battle of Bloodied Honor
                    Koshin fights in the Day of Thunder under command of Daidoji Sagatsu 3
                            - Father (Kakita Tsanu) dies in combat for the East Wall
                            - Koshin given position as a metsuke on the Kaiu Wall

1128            Koshin returns to the Crane following Toshimoko's disappearance
                    Permission denied in the Test of the Emerald Champion
                            - Koshin sent to Dragon as a Crane liaison 4,5

1132            Koshin tainted by a Goju assassin while protecting Togashi Yoshune
                    Koshin meets Kakita Kaori and Toshiki in Fox Lands 6
                    Duel with Mirumoto Tenryuu in the Valley of the Two Generals 7
                            - Akuraikaze broken in duel with Tenryuu

1133            Koshin gains White Crane tattoo from Hitomi; Battle of Oblivion's Gate
                            - Kakita Airei dies in battle 8
                            - Koshin enters Crystal Chamber beneath Shiro Mirumoto 9

1134            Kakita Kenshuko born (New Year's Day)

1142            Kakita Taehime dies of the plague; Kenshuko inherits family lands

1158            Crystal Chamber opened by Mirumoto Nikkan
                            - "Swordmaster" journeys begin

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