Daidoji Koshindou
Earth 2
    Willpower 3
Fire 4
Air 3
    Reflexes 4
Water 2
    Perception 4
Void 4
School Rank:
Kouryo-no-Ken 3
Defense 4, Etiquette 2, Iaijutsu 4, Katana 6, Kenjutsu 2, Lore (Martial Arts) 3*, Meditation 4, Shintao 3, Sincerity 1, Yarijutsu 2
Kata: *Drawing the Threads, *Standing as Void, Striking as Fire
Kiho: Self-No Self
Glory: 3.3
Honor: 4.2
Advantages: Balance, Benten's Blessing, Combat Reflexes, Great Destiny (Master of the Kouryo-no-Ken), Sensei (Kakita Koshin)
Disadvantages: Bad Reputation (Ni-Ken no Tsuru), Small (Child)

Dressed in fine Crane clothes, Daidoji Koshindou looks like a child, providing that you miss his warrior's eyes. He wears the three swords of the Kouryo-no-Ken, and usually seems friendly and somewhat unsure of his words, particularly among young girls. To those who know him better, Koshindou can be introspective and demanding, particularly when dealing with himself.

Daidoji Ujirou was a boy when Kakita Koshin accepted him as his student; complications surrounding his lineage denied the promising swordsman a place in the Kakita Academies, but with the Kouryo-no-Ken, the boy found a home. He had faced deadly enemies and watched many battles already.

When Kakita Koshin released Ujirou he returned to the Crane and completed his gempukku immediately, taking Koshindou (New Road) as his name. Now the young man seeks to honor his sensei's style by mastering his own path, found in those words that Koshin has written. Despite the sneers and occasional challenges from his kinsmen, Daidoji Koshindou would have his life no other way.

Natsugusa: The sword "Summer Grass" draws its soul from calm and unending waves of nature, and those same virtues are reflected in its blades dim steel. Natsugusa is an Excellent (3k3) quality katana. While wielding the thin, flexible blade and not wearing heavy armor or kurokote, the user adds his Defense skill to his TN to be hit against all melee and ranged attacks.

Mizugetsuei: The twin to Natsugusa, "Water Moon" has a blade that is always perfectly mirrored and never dulls. Like its namesake, this Excellent (3k3) quality weapon that is difficult to read or follow due to the reflections from the blade. In the hands of a skilled (Katana 4+) user, Mizugetsuei grants the wielder 3 Free Raises on a single attack, once per day. An enemy can negate this bonus by spending one Void Point for each cancelled Raise.

*   *   *   *

Kakita Kenshuko
Earth 3
    Willpower: 4
Fire 4
Air 4
    Reflexes: 5
Water 3
    Strength: 5
Void 4
School Rank:
Kakita Bushi 4, Mirumoto Bushi 1*
Courtier 2, Defense 2, Etiquette 3, Horsemanship 3, Iaijutsu 5, Kenjutsu 2, Kyujutsu 1, Law 2, Lore (Dragon Clan) 4, Lore (Shinsei) 2, Poetry 4, Seduction 3, Shintao 4, Sincerity 2, Theology 2
Kata: One-Strike Blade, Striking as Fire
Glory: 3.4
Honor: 3.2
Advantages: Ally (Mirumoto Nikkan), Ambidextrous, Dangerous Beauty, Kakita Blade (Akuraikaze), Multiple Schools*
Disadvantages: Bad Reputation (Low Born), Social Disadvantage (Geisha Mother), Lost Love (Togashi Masurao)

Kakita Kenshuko is considered "lowly beautiful" by many of her kinsmen; her body and face reflect much of her geisha mother, rather than the noble lineage of the Crane. She dresses in fine, simple robes and often braids portions of her long black hair in utilitarian fashion: no matter where she goes, her red-handled sword is always at her side.

Though she has never studied the Kouryo-no-Ken techniques, Kakita Kenshuko is the daughter of the man who wrote the scroll. During the recent months, the samurai-ko sought out her father and, with the aid of the mysterious courtier-monk Togashi Masurao, was able to return to her clan. After Masurao's death she returned to her clan bearing his child.