The Traveling Sword Swordmaster School
"Anything truly worth having is worth fighting for." - Koshin

Benefit: +1 Void
Starting Honor: 3, plus two boxes.
Skills: Iaijutsu, Katana, Kenjutsu, Meditation, Shintao, 2 Bugei Skills
Note: A practitioner of the Kouryo-no-Ken may ignore offhandedness when using a pair of katana.

Social Benefit:
A small and little-known dojo, the Kouryo-no-Ken nonetheless has a number of friends in many of the Empire's other sword schools. A student of the school gains a Free Raise during any social interaction with a samurai with a Kenjutsu or Iaijutsu score of four or more.

Training Benefit:
The art of the Kouryo-no-Ken is the art of the sword at its purest level. Once for every time the student goes up an Insight Rank, he may increase one of the following skills by one point for half the normal cost (rounded down): Iaijutsu, Katana, Kenjutsu.

Techniques of the Kouryo-no-Ken

Rank One: The Traveling Sword
The Kouryo-no-Ken is a school of inner power, and this character adds his twice his Void Ring to his TN to be hit at all times (even in an Iaijutsu Duel).

Rank Two: The Wind-Riding Strike
At this level, the student has learned to see the secret methods of allowing both body and blades to ride the effortless winds of his chi. The student may make a Meditation/Honor roll at the beginning of any combat (battle, skirmish or duel) to increase his initiative by that amount until combat ends.

Rank Three: The Thunder's Fall Strike
A student of the Traveling Sword that has reached this lesson has learned that the power of his swords can come in many ways. The student gains an additional attack each round while wielding a katana, and may add his highest Ring (not counting Void) to all his Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu rolls.

Rank Four: The Fading Draw Strike
Now the student has mastered one of the most famous moves of the Kouryo-no-Ken. At this level, the swordsman's draw attacks (in or out of an Iaijutsu Duel) each gain two Free Raises, and those attacks cannot have their damage reduced or negated by any means.

Rank Five: Swordmastery
This level of the Kouryo-no-Ken is near-legend, and cannot be achieved without a musha shugyo of at least one year or more. Once this technique has been mastered, the warrior's control of his sword is nearly perfect: he gains a bonus equal to his School Rank to initiative, TN to be hit, attack and damage rolls while wielding at least one sword.