The Gozoku

by Brent Morgan and Chris Orr

"No journey is long when a friend is by your side."

-Japanese proverb

Next update: 08/23/03


Okay. A little forewarning. I am moving to Fort Leonard Wood on Friday, back to Drill Sergeants (d'oh!). I will put out next weeks update, but I will not know until I get there if I will be permitted to have my computer right away. If not, then the Gozoku will be updated by Brent as he has time. This is only temporary. In fact, there might not be a problem at all.

Like I said....a little warning. ^_-


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The Faces of the Gozoku: Doji Raigu - Bayushi Atsuki - Shiba Gaijushiko

The Gozoku: Kakita Chikuma - Norihisa - Shiba Honkai - Otomo Reju - Yasuki Eirin

The Imperialists: Mochiko - Gaman - Kusada - Doji Usan (1) (2) - Inosenko - Matsu Oki - Hantei Yugozohime

An Interview with Brent and Chris (Ch. 1-30) - Gozoku RPG


Chapters One to Ten: The Mandate of Heaven

Chapters Eleven to Twenty: The Right to Rule

Chapters Twenty-one to Thirty: Sacrifices for the Future

Chapter Thirty-one: Azure Skies

Chapter Thirty-two: The Steel Demon

Chapter Thrity-three: Shadows and Light

Chapter Thrity-four: Yugozohime

Chapter Thirty-five: Voices and Swords

Chapter Thirty-six: A Greater Destiny

Chapter Thirty-seven: A Brother's Desire

Chapter Thrirty-eight: Dissent

Chapter Thirty-nine: Bonds of Blood