Bayushi Atsuki - The Master of Secrets
Earth: 5
Fire: 4

    Intelligence 7
Air: 3
    Reflexes 4
Water: 4
Void: 3

School/Rank: Rank 6. Rank 4 Bayushi Bushi. Rank 2 Bayushi Courtier.
Notable Skills:
Cipher 3, Courtier 5, Defense 2, Etiquette 3, Horsemanship 1, Iaijutsu 4, Intimidation 5, Investigation 2, Kenjutsu 5, Kyujutsu 2, Lore (Gozoku) 8, Manipulation 6, Painting 4, Poison 2, Sadane 4, Shintao 3, Sincerity 4, Stealth 1, Tantojutsu 5
Honor: 1.3
Glory: 10.0
Advantages: Blackmail (Hantei Fuwija/Hantei Kusada), Bland, Crafty, Precise Memory, Read Lips, Social Position (Scorpion Clan Champion), Student of Water
Disadvantages: Dark Fate, Dark Secret (Gozoku), Insensitive, Proud

All of his life, Bayushi Atsuki has understood the importance of power.  As a child, he was constantly aware of the demonstrations of it, watching his uncle rule the Scorpion Clan against enemies from all sides.  At the age of twenty-one, Atsuki became one of the youngest Clan Champions in Rokugan's history, after disposing of his rival (his uncle's own son) in a duel.  Since then, Atsuki has learned that the key to power is knowledge.  To this end, he expanded greatly the network of spies and Shosuro ninja that the Scorpion Clan relied on, restoring the shinobi to a level they had not known since Bayushi Aramoro's age.  Of all the members of the Gozoku, Atsuki alone is considered to be an undoubted villain...and halfway between light and shadow, the Master of Secrets would have it no other way.

For Bayushi Atsuki has seen the truth of knowledge and power.  To this day, all believe that the one who wrote "Knowledge is not power.  Power is the ability to deny knowledge." was a Hantei.

Bayushi Atsuki is an intimidating figure, changing masks regularly but always keeping the same small, black eyes beneath.  Though he walks with a slight limp, it is doubted that the Scorpion Champion actually bears any in injury, and few have left his presence without being awed by the aging daimyo's keen mind and ruthless control.  In private, Atsuki remains unchanged, and usually untrusting, constantly listening to reports and reading letters while he puts to paint beautiful things.