Yasuki Eirin - Crab Clan Merchant
Earth: 3

    Willpower 4
Fire: 3
Air: 2

    Awareness 4
Water: 3
Void: 3
Rank 4 Yasuki Merchant.
Notable Skills:
Commerce 5, Conversation 5, Courtier 4, Craft (Advanced Medicine) 3, Defense 2, Etiquette 4, Forgery 3, Gambling 4, Gossip 2, Heraldry 2, Hisomu 4, Investigation 1, Kuenia 4, Lore (Gozoku) 2, Lore (Politics) 3, Manipulation 6, Sadane 2, Sincerity 5, Stealth 4, Tantojutsu 3
Honor: 1.1
Glory: 4.6
Advantages: Ally (Mochiko), Clear Thinker, Wealthy 4
Disadvantages: Bad Health (Out of Shape), Insensitive, Nemesis (Otomo Reju)

Yasuki Eirin has known all his life the truth about Rokugan: the bottom line is always results and money, and words like "dignity" and "honor" are little more than total lies.  From his early days among the Crab, Eirin was distrusted; many among the Hida and Hiruma did not believe the words of the Yasuki family, even as the rest of the Empire did not.  Only Eirin's father's moralless dealings silenced them, for the Crab were too desperate for supplies to care about words like right or wrong.

Eirin never looked back.  Since then, he has lived in the world as he wished it, paying only what was needed to the Crab Clan while hiding his true nature from all but a few.  In the Gozoku, like everything else, the Yasuki merchant has seen an opportunity; like a calm and uncaring player, moving pieces about the game.  Eirin admires the skill and guile of men like Gaijushiko and Atsuki, but in the end, he knows that his fortune is his own to create.

Eirin is slightly taller than the average Rokugani, and shows a soft body from years of reveling in food and women.  Like his Crane ancestors, Eirin has a smooth face and a pleasant voice, but all of that vanishes when a profit comes into play.  When he is considering a plan or ploy, the merchant is heartless and ruthless as he considers his available "resources" (as he calls both people and things), his face often twisting into a sadistic grin.