Shiba Gaijushiko - The Imperial Scribe
Earth: 4
Fire: 4

    Intelligence 5
Air: 4
Water: 4

    Perception 7
Void: 4
Insight Rank 6. Rank 5 Shiba Bushi.
Notable Skills:
Battle 4, Calligraphy 6, Courtier 4, Defense 2, Diplomacy 2, Etiquette 5, History 5, Iaijutsu 3, Kenjutsu 5, Kyujutsu 4, Lore (Hantei) 3, Lore (Gozoku) 4, Manipulation 5, Meditation 2, Poetry 3, Sensei 7, Shintao 4, Sincerity 3, Tea Ceremony 2, Yarijutsu 5
Honor: 2.8
Glory: 10.0
Advantages: Allies (Many), Clear Thinker, Higher Purpose (Restore the Hantei), Social Positions (Imperial Scribe, Phoenix Clan Champion), The Soul of Shiba (all Shiba Ancestors)
Disadvantages: Dark Fate, Dark Secret (Gozoku), Meddler

From the day that Shiba came to Gaijushiko, the Phoenix have been amazed by his strength.  No Champion in the history of the clan has ever been so in harmonry with the Kami that founded them, and even the Elemental Council often has given into Gaijushiko's demands.  In his lifetime, Shiba Gaijushiko has faced peril fighting against the Lion Clan as well as the Shadowlands, and yet even those who have met him find the stories difficult to believe.  Of all the Phoenix Clan, Gaijushiko is looked to as what it means to be informed, controlled and wise.

Those who know the Champion more closely know that beneath Gaijushiko's soft smile there is a drive that could quell the most fiery Matsu, and it was for that reason that he accepted the title of Imperial Scribe.  Like Shiba himself, Gaijushiko sought to study the Hantei closely, to teach himself about the true Emperor, and show Shiba the descendants of Hantei.  What they saw in Hantei Fuwija pleased neither, and it was for that reason that the Gozoku arose.  Though his enemies believe that the Phoenix has lost the guidance of the Kami, Gaijushiko knows that nothing could be further from the truth.

Gaijushiko has not abandoned his oaths to the Emperor...he has answered a higher call.

Shiba Gaijushiko is a somewhat mundane samurai, often distinguished only by his unusually skillful voice and his fine clothes.  An avid teacher, Gaijushiko often explains himself to visitors until they are satisfied, and has often been known to attend the Imperial Libraries and the Ikoma Histories for long periods of time.  Though no one has seen the Phoenix Clan Champion draw a sword (he often does not wear his clan's ancestral sword) it is generally acknowledged that he still bears the skillful gait of a bushi, and few doubt that the Shiba daimyo remains a skilled warrior both at court and the field of war.