Gaman - Master of the Four Temples
Earth: 3

    Willpower 5
Fire: 3
    Intelligence 4
Air: 4
Water: 3

    Perception 5
Void: 6
School/Rank: Rank 5 Monk (The Four Temples).
Notable Skills:
Bo 2, Calligraphy 1, Courtier 5, Etiquette 5, Fasting 4, Hand-to-Hand 3, Investigation 3, Kokyu 3, Lore (Bushido) 2, Lore (Gozoku) 3, Medicine 4, Meditation 6, Sensei 4, Shintao 5, Zanji 2
Chi Protection, Cleansing Spirit, Fortune's Breath, The Great Silence, Rest My Brother, Self No Self, Unattunement, The Wind's Truth
Honor: 2.8
Glory: 2.0 (Monk)
Advantages: Clear Thinker, Social Position (Shinpu of the Four Holy Home Temples)
Disadvantages: Ascetic, Soft-Hearted

All of his life, Gaman thought that his life would be ordinary: unlike many of the current leaders of Rokugan, he never excelled, never rose above the level of his teachers or peers.  He was ordinary, in every sense of the word.  Indeed, were it no for one simple part of his character, Gaman would have lived out the Gozoku Period in obscurity, another simple monk following the Path of shinsei and the Will of the Hantei.

Gaman truly cares for people; as a young man, he went out of his way to protect the weak and help the defenseless, lobbying for the protection of the peasants during the last years of Hantei Fuwija/Fujiwa's reign.  This simple dedication to others impressed the current Shinpu of the Four Holy Home Temples, who asked for Gaman to become his sucessor when the time came.  Four years later, shortly before the Emperor's death, Gaman accepted the responsibilities of the leader of the monks of Shinsei, answering to the Emperor himself.

As he grew to know Hantei Kusada, Gaman also became more familiar with the faces of the Gozoku, and the understanding of the great conflict that the two dissenting factions will one day bring.  Unlike many people, Gaman does not spend his days agonizing over the right or wrog of his situation; he simply does what he can for the Emperor and his people, and looks to the future and prays...

Gaman looks like a common monk, and is usually dressed in simple robes with more than a few frayed edges.  He has an ageless quality to his face, making him look younger than he really is.  The laughter of the monk is well-known throughout the Four Temples, and it is rare indeed that the true intensity and dedication to the Empire shows through his simple facade.