Shiba Honkai - Phoenix Clan Yari Master
Earth: 5

Fire: 4
    Agility 6
Air: 3
    Reflexes 4
Water: 3
    Strength 4
Void: 6
Rank 6. Rank 5 Shiba Bushi. Honkai Style 1.
Notable Skills:
Athletics 2, Defense 6, Etiquette 2, Hand to Hand (Jiujutsu) 3, Hunting 3, Kenjutsu 4, Know the School (Akodo) 2, Know the School (Matsu) 3, Kyujutsu 2, Law 2, Meditation 3, Shintao 3, Tea Ceremony 2, Yarijutsu 4, Yari 6
Honor: 2.8
Glory: 6.5
Advantages: Ambidextrous, Perfect Balance, Retainer (Shiba Gaijushiko), Renown (Yari Master), Social Position (Emerald Magistrate)
Disadvantages: Proud
Insight: 257

Honkai Style (New Technique - 4 Experience Points)
Required Traits: Agility 4, Stamina 4
Required Skills: Defense 2, Yari 4
Other: Must have the Ambidextrous and Perfect Balance advantages
Technique: "The Ladder Parry." Developed by Shiba Honkai as an addition to the Phoenix bushi's dedication to the spear, this technique can now be found in the dojo of the Shiba, the Daidoji and even some of the Crab. Based on the principle of directing force perfectly between his arms, the user of the Ladder Parry distributes an attacking blow, reducing its strength to nothing.
A bushi using Honkai Style and wielding a yari adds twice his Defense skill to his TN to be hit in combat. Any attacker that pierces the Ladder Parry does so at the expense of his own power, and rolls two less die on any damage rolls. All benefits of the Honkai Style can only be used while using a yari.

In another lifetime, Shiba Honkai might have faded into obscurity; the second son of a minor, landed noble, who possessed some skill with the spear.  It was early in his life, however, that Honkai's uncle Dohrei was killed in the service to the Gozoku, and the young bushi was named as his successor.  Shiba Gaijushiko offered the young samurai wealth and political clout in memory of his father, but Honkai was determined to survive on his own.  After several years, Honkai accepted a position as a magistrate, enjoying the ability to test his spear.

All his life, he has never thought about the right or wrong of the Gozoku conspiracy: for Honkai, all that mattered was the spear and the law.  Honkai has lived his whole life in search for that which has always evaded him: a true and worthy opponent, and a single, perfect duel.