(Doji) Inosenko - The Monk
Earth: 2

    Willpower 4
Fire: 4
Air: 4

    Awareness 5
Water: 1
    Perception 4
Void: 4
Insight Rank 4. Rank 2 Doji Courtier. Rank 2 Monk (Seven Fortunes).
Notable Skills:
Athletics 2, Bard 3, Bo 3, Courtier 4, Defense 2, Etiquette 3, Fasting 1, Heraldry 3, History 3, Lore (Gozoku) 7, Lore (Politics) 2, Manipulation 2, Medicine 3, Meditation 2, Oratory 1, Poetry 4, Shintao 3, Sincerity 2, Theology 3
Falling Star Strike, Steal the Air Dragon, Way of the Willow, The Wind's Truth
Honor: 3.9
Glory: 2.0 (monk)
Advantages: Benten's Blessing, Clan Background (Crane), Correspondence (Many), Higher Purpose (Stop the Gozoku), Sage, True Friend (Mochiko)
Disadvantages: Ascetic, Lost Love (Hantei Kusada), Softhearted, Weakness (Strength)

Doji Insenko was born to one of the most prominent kabuki actors of the Crane Clan; from a young age, her future was bright.  As a student of the Doji Courtier School, she excelled in many of her classes, and seemed to gleam with atrue dedication to honor.  It was there that she met the young prince, Hantei Kusada, and began what she thought would be a lifelong companionship.

Such was not to be.  After the Gozoku overhtrew Kusada's father, Inosenko's lover married another, and she withdrew herself from her clan, ashamed of the weakness and corruption that the Gozoku had taken advantage of to claim the throne.  During that time, she began to fight back against her former kin as best she could, using the same lessons the Doji had taught her to undermine the Gozoku's support.  Though few remembered her name, many monks and courtiers wrote to Inosenko from across the Empire, bringing her a source of information that became surpassed only by the Scorpion and Crane.  She works not for the desruction of the Gozoku, but for Kusada's freedom and the return of the true Hantei.

Inosenko was once a great beauty, but poor food and lodging has begun to take its toll.  Despite that, the monk always has a soft smile for her companions, whom she tries to comfort at all times.  Inosenko understands the magnitude of the challenge before her, but has promised herself that she will not fail...not herself, not Kusada, and not the Empire that they both loved.