Hantei Kusada - The Pawn
Earth: 3

    Willpower 6
Fire: 2
    Intelligence 5
Air: 3
    Awareness 4
Water: 2
    Perception 4
Void: 3
Insight Rank 2. Rank 1 Kakita Bushi.
Notable Skills:
Courtier 5, Etiquette 5, Iaijutsu 3, Kenjutsu 2, Kyujutsu 2, Lore (Gozoku) 3, Lore (Myth & Legend) 4, Manipulation 4, Political Maneuvering 4, Shintao 4, Sincerity 4
Honor: 3.0
Glory: 9.9
Advantages: Clear Thinker, Higher Purpose (Restore the Hantei), Meek, Precise Memory, Social Position (Emperor of Rokugan), True Friend (Gaman)
Disadvantages: Lost Love (Doji Inosenko), Obligations (The Gozoku)

History would come to judge Hantei Kusada as a weakling and a failure, controlled by the powerful Gozoku from the beginning until the end of his thirty-five year reign.  Of all his work, only the creation of several temples would ever be considered worthwhile, and even his own daughter would one day curse his legacy and name.

The truth would be entirely different.  Though the Gozoku do control the Empire, they do not control the Emperor, nor have they ever been able to.  Kusada has suffered through much, losing his true love and his dignity to the three Champions, the Emperor has nonetheless managed to learn much about his enemies as well as the court that served their strength.  One day, Kusada hopes to gain the power to back his pride.  Kusada knows better than anyone the difficulty of the task before him...but he also knows there is no reason not to try.

Kusada shows his Crane heritage more than his father did, possessing a slender figure and long, straight black hair.  Though he often defers to others when giving orders, the Emperor is insightful and cunning when not in the presence of the Gozoku (which is rare),  Thogh he has come to truly love his wife Ayatsuro, Kusada has never forgotten his love Inosenko, and he seldom tolerates the mentioning of her name.

With or withour the Gozoku, it seems the fate of the Emperor to remain alone.