Mochiko - The Assassin
Earth: 3
Fire: 3

    Agility 5
Air: 5
Water: 5
Void: 4
Insight Rank 5. Rank 4 Matsu Bushi.
Notable Skills:
Athletics 4, Battle 2, Evasion 3, Heraldry 2, Hisomu 3, History 1, Iaijutsu 6, Intimidation 3, Jiujutsu 2, Katana 5, Kenjutsu 3, Kuenai 3, Kyujutsu 2, Lore (Gozoku) 2, Shintao 1, Stealth 4, Tantojutsu 3
Honor: 2.2
Glory: 0.0 (Name stricken from records)
Advantages: A Heart of Vengeance (Gozoku), Ally (Yasuki Eirin), Heisho, Strength of the Earth (8), True Friends (Inosenko, Katai)
Disadvantages: Overconfident, Social Disadvantage (Ronin), Sworn Enemy (The Gozoku)

In her youth, Matsu Mochihime was considered one of the most promising bushi of her dojo, serving the Lion Clan as a yojimbo and even being granted a position in the Second Legion.  Her family, though small, foresaw great things in their future with Mochihime, for she was a noble and dedicated soul.

With the coming of the Gozoku, however, Mochihime found herself like many bushi that opposed what little they understood of what was happening: the Matsu was dishonored publically by Kakita Chikuma, her name struck from her clan's records, and her family found their lands and future destroyed.  Mochihime's brother died in the Test of the Emerald Champion: it was obvious to the Empire that their line had come to an end.

On that day Mochihime became Mochiko, and allied with others that the Gozoku had destroyed.  Mastering the art of iaijutsu, Mochiko turned her heart and soul towards restoring the Hantei to power, trusting to the monk Inosenko and the former Akodo samurai-ko Katai with her fate.

Mochiko was never considered beautiful, and the years of battle have not been kind.  With red-dyed hair, the samurai-ko is heavily muscled and bears the scars of several duels.  In private or public Mochiko is quick tempered, judgmental and determined, never backing down from her views of right and wrong.  Despite her fierce nature, the ronin possesses a keen intellect that few enemies survive against, and knows well when to fight and when to bind her time.