Matsu Oki - Matsu Family Daimyo
Earth: 4
Fire: 4

    Agility 5
Air: 2
    Reflexes 4
Water: 4
    Strength 7
Void: 2
Rank 5 Matsu Bushi
Notable Skills:
Athletics 3, Battle 5, Defense 1, Hand-to-Hand 5, History 1, Iaijutsu 4, Intimidation 4, Kenjutsu 5, Lore (Gozoku) 3, Lore (Lion Clan) 3, Lore (Shadowlands) 2, No-Daichi 5, Sensei 5, Shintao 2, Sincerity 2, Tea Ceremony 1, Tessen 2, Yarijutsu 4
Honor: 3.4
Glory: 8.7
Advantages: Heartless, Karmic Tie 2 (Hantei Yugozohime), Social Position (Family Daimyo), Student (Hantei Yugozohime)
Disadvantages: Bad Reputation (Reckless), Haunted (Kansen), Lost Love (Matsu Itagi)

Matsu Oki is the sister of one of the Empire's most well-known embarrassments: the late Lion Clan Champion, Matsu Itagi.  Itagi swore to reach the Festering Pit of Fu Leng, deep in the Shadowlands, promising to show true power to the Crab Clan.  When he did not return, Oki prepared to fight through the Crab borders to find him: something the guardians of Rokugan swore to prevent.  In the end, it was Hida Tadaka, Champion of the Crab, who recovered Itagi, though both Champions died from great wounds.

War was prevented, but Oki's reputation never recovered.  She was viewed as an unstable daimyo, and was nearly dismissed by the new Lion Champion.  Oki loved her brother deeply, and never forgave either of their weaknesses: she prayed to hear from him daily, hoping for some way to atone for the great wrong she had nearly done.

One day, there came an answer.  On that day, Oki learned a great deal of the truth behind the Empire: of the power of the Gozoku, and the failing futures of the Hantei line.  She began to support the Imperialists with a great deal of money and power, and even went so far as to secure her most famous student, the young Yugozohime of the Hantei.  Those who have faced Matsu Oki know two things about her: that she is driven to destroy her enemies, and that she hears a voice that no one else knows...

Oki is not an attractive woman, but her features do inspire respect from her students and men.  Her eyes are small and cold, and her hair, dyed a pale gold (to hide strands of gray) is tied into a tight topknot most of the time.  Oki seldom speaks, but when she does, it is with the kind of terseness and command that always draws attention, often intimidating those who are not prepared.  It is not uncommon for Oki to pause in mid sentence and and seem to listen to something to her right intently for a moment; this also annoys and startles most people, who feel better leaving the Matsu Daimyo alone.

Which is, of course, exactly what Oki and her guide wish to be.