Otomo Reju - Gozoku Courtier
Earth: 3

    Willpower 5
Fire: 3
    Intelligence 4
Air: 4
Water: 2

    Perception 3
Void: 2
Insight Rank 3. None
Notable Skills:
Appraisal 3, Bard 4, Calligraphy 4, Conversation 1, Courtier 4, Diplomacy 2, Etiquette 3, History 2, Investigation 2, Lore (Gozoku) 3, Lore (Literature) 2, Manipulation 2, Poetry 3, Shintao 2, Tea Ceremony 3
Honor: 3.4
Glory: 5.6
Advantages: Allies (The Gozoku), Gentry (Family Holdings), Luck (6), Precise Memory, Social Position (Imperial Courtier), Wealthy 8
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Gozoku), Small

There are no secrets involving Otomo Reju, despite the many rumors and questions that surround the wealthy courtier each day.  Reju's father was a brilliant man that amassed a great fortune doing his duty to the Empire and earning the respect of Hantei Fujiwa/Fuwija, and it was from him that Reju developed his quiet dignity and soft poise, along with excellent diplomatic talent.  The courtier allied with the Gozoku early in their creation, adding his wealth to that of the three Great Clans, and helping to bring the Imperial Families under their sway without the power struggle many thought would ensue.  Using that influence, Reju has helped many great things happen in the Empire; despite some of what he must see in the name of his allies, Otomo Reju is happy and content in his honor; were he not, he would not live his life this way.

Reju is a small man, his face and hair always neatly groomed.  He is seldom seen without his high black hat, which many believe has come to compensate for the man's diminutive height, and has never answered to the fashion changes of the Crane Clan.  When in conversation with others, Reju's voice is soft and calm, and he often allows others to carry the conversation for him.  In private, the courtier has a brilliant sense of humor, and enjoys discussing literature and other courtly affairs.