Doji Usan - Crane Clan Samurai
Earth: 3
Fire: 4

    Agility 5
Air: 5
    Reflexes 8
Water: 2
    Perception 5
Void: 6
Rank 6. Rank 5 Kakita Bushi. Falling Rain 1.
Notable Skills:
Acrobatics 6, Athletics 5, Battle 1, Defense 2, Etiquette 3, Hand to Hand (Mizu Do) 3, History 4, Iaijutsu 8, Kenjutsu 3, Kyujutsu 1, Lore (Bushido) 2, Medicine 3, Meditation 4, Seduction 2, Shintao 4, Sincerity 2, Theology 2, Yamedojutsu 4
Honor: 3.7
Glory: 6.2
Advantages: Balance, Benten's Blessing, Dangerous Beauty, Combat Reflexes, Kakita Blade, Kharmic Tie 3 (Hantei Yugozohime)
Disadvantages: Vassal School, True Love (Hantei Yugozohime)

Doji Usan was a child that the Asahina saw little future for: though his father, Kakita Tashimi, was a famous swordmaster of the Falling Rain School, the seers foresaw little strength in the boy, though his spirit was strong.  Usan's mother, a cousin to the Crane Clan Champion, never recovered from the birth, and it seemed that the legacy of Falling Rain would falter in the hands of such a frail boy.

His father would have none of it.  Tashimi drove the young child into his swordsmanship, cultivating in Usan a deep and unique understanding of the blade.  Where e lacked in the physical, Usan excelled in the mental, crafting new variations and techniques with a grace that surprised everyone at the small school.  By the time his mother died, Usan had achieved the rank of Assistant Master of the Falling Rain Dojo, and it was rumored that he would soon follow in his father's steps.

Then, unexpectedly, a request came from the Crane Champion.  Usan, sheltered from the growing schism between Gozoku and Imperialist, stepped into the greater game for the first time, and only time will tell what will come...

The first thing a person notices about Doji Usan is his eyes: large and a startling green, they a only a part of one of the most beautiful Crane of the generation.  Despite his status as a swordsman, Usan has a slender, frail-looking body, and often seems slightly too small for both his opponents and his own swords.  Only those that have survived a duel against him truly understand the great skill and power that the Crane has been trained to bring to bear against his enemies.  Usan knows that he is a beautiful, skilled and talented person, and takes great care of his long hair and fine clothes.  In all things he is calm, cool, and even dispassionate: he lives for the next morning, and whatever beauty that may bring.