Hantei Yugozohime - The Princess
Earth: 3

    Stamina 4
Fire: 4
Air: 3

    Reflexes 4
Water: 3
    Strength 4
Void: 2
Rank 3 Matsu Bushi.
Notable Skills:
Athletics 2, Battle 4, Falconry 1, Hand to Hand (Jiujutsu) 3, History 3, Iaijutsu 5, Intimidation 4, Kenjutsu 4, Kyujutsu 2, Naginata 3, Lore (Bushido) 3, Lore (Gozoku) 3, Shintao 2, Tantojutsu 3
Honor: 3.0
Glory: 8.9
Advantages: Allies (Imperialists), Great Destiny, Hantei Blood, Quick, Sensei (Matsu Oki), Strength of the Earth 4
Disadvantages: Brash, Driven (Restore the Hantei), Sworn Enemy (The Gozoku)

For her first days, Hantei Yugozohime was a pawn in a political game, fostered to the Lion Clan in an attempt to forestall some of the Imperialist beliefs stemming from the Matsu Family.  Separated for her family, the female of the Hantei line was quickly passed off and discarded, destined to become little more than a wife to some minor lord.

Of so it would have been, were it not for Matsu Oki.  For some reason, the Matsu Daimyo (still grieving for her lost brother) was drawn to Yugozohime; she demanded the student as her own disciple, and, given her status as a hero, was not refused.  With Oki, Yugozohime learned to be strong, self-reliant, and, above all, contemptible towards any weakness...including those of her own father, Hantei Kusada.  Though she was still young, Yugozohime already realized what Oki was anticipating...

One day, the Imperialists would rally behind a true Hantei.

There are those who believe that Matsu Oki is really Yugozohime's mother (or father, depending on which jest you hear), for their tempers are much the same.  Yugozohime is gruff and sometimes violent, but she also has an innocent and compassionate heart that no one has seen in years.  Her life as a bushi has made her hard and muscled despite her Crane heritage, and she is seldom seen dressed in woman's clothes.  When Yugozohime speaks, she is filled with passion and vigor: few that have met her have ever doubted that she carries the blood of the first Hantei.