Crab Clan

Yasuki Eirin (381-433)
3 Points
A prominent member of the Yasuki during the Gozoku Period, Yasuki Eirin helped to establish much of the cutthroat methods (and poor reputation) of the Crab merchants, many of which exist to this day. A wealthy and untrustworthy man, it is believed that he manipulated both the Gozoku and the Imperialists for the benefits of the beleaguered Crab Clan, and is considered a hero despite the slander surrounding his death. Those with Eirin as an ancestor have a knack for exploiting the weakness of others, and may spend a Void Point and lose two points of Honor to discover one Disadvantage of a person they have dealt with recently (which Disadvantage is revealed is at the GM's discretion).

Crane Clan

Doji Raigu (378-435)
5 Points
The Champion of the Crane Clan and one of the three Gozoku Masters, Doji Raigu is the only member of the triad that Kitsu have determined to be in Yomi. A devout follower of bushido, Raigu's texts are still studied by Lion scholars, and his name has received little slander through the years (though this may be due to the constant work of Doji courtiers and Kakita authors following his death). Those with Raigu as an Ancestor are above reproach: any other character's action or Technique that would cause them to lose honor automatically fails. Should the character's honor ever fall below 3, Raigu leaves her, never to return.

Scorpion Clan

Shosuro Norihisa (384-???)
2 Points
Considered one of the most influential and inventive Shosuro daimyo, much of Norihisa's life is still unknown. Considered to be one of the father's of spycraft in Rokugan, many of Norihisa's secret journals are still kept by the Shosuro as family secrets. His death is not celebrated on a specific day, though many shinobi visit his grave near Kyuden Bayushi before their first mission. Anyone with Norihisa as an ancestor may automatically succeed on a Stealth check, once per day. No Raises may be made to this check.

Phoenix Clan

Shiba Honkai (380-433)
4 Points
Considered to be one of the greatest masters of yarijutsu in the Empire's history, Honkai was a loyal samurai who served as hatamoto to Shiba Gaijushiko for many years. Renown for his inventive style of combat, Honkai vanished after retiring to a Shiba monastery, though sources place his death as being in the autumn of 433. Those guided by Honkai gain two Free Raises each day, but these Raises may be used only for attack or damage rolls using a polearm.

Other Ancestors

Gaman (377-446)
4 Points (Monk Ancestor)
Remembered as one of the first monks to enter the political arena (kicking and screaming, by all accounts), Gaman was a respected member of the Brotherhood of Shinsei and Master of the Four Temples. He was a shrewd observer of human nature, and often applied those skills to aiding the beleaguered Hantei. Gaman was buried with full samurai honor in Otosan Uchi; his death is remembered on the twelfth of Bayushi. Gaman's descendants possess a portion of his keen senses, and roll an additional die on all opposed social rolls (including Honor Tests).